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Substituting poly double knit for a woven -- dart elimination?

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I don't have a lot experience sewing with knits...I'm making a Halloween costume and am substituting a polyester double knit (ponte di Roma) for the woven fabric called for by the pattern. I know that this particular double knit doesn't have tons of crosswise stretch, but it still has some. Would it be ok to eliminate the bust dart completely from the front bodice? Or would it be better to just sew the dart? The dress isn't meant to be close-fitting (it's a loose A-line silhouette).

Any info would be much appreciated!



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Personally I wouldn't be too (post #35761, reply #1 of 2)

Personally I wouldn't be too worried about a Halloween costume.  But since darts are simple to put in I would probably include them.  They have nothing to do with stretch across the body.  They wil take up extra fabric on the side seam and give a better fit through the bust.

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Hi stillsuesew, thanks for (post #35761, reply #2 of 2)

Hi stillsuesew, thanks for your comment...I worked on this pattern over the weekend and think you're right...I'm definitely including the dart!