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Strap seams with zipper

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I am making an 8 panel skirt with contrasting strap seams.  How do I put in a zipper?  I saw a Proenza Shouler skirt in Elle mag that I am copying, but I have not seen it in person.  Any thoughts on how to do center back or side seam zipper.  Can I do an invisible?


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If there is a way to do an invisible, that would be my preference. You just need a seam to put it in....but I'm not sure how to go about this with strap seams. Anyone?

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I have been thinking about this since I posted my question and I think I have the answer.  I will make half a bound seam on each cb piece basting edge so that I end up with a seam down cb. so that I can put in an invisible zipper.  If I baste edge I can sew it as a regular seam instead of one being covered by the strap.