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Stbilizing stretchy knit

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Dear Sewers,

How can I stabilize a really stretchy synthetic sweater knit ?  I'd like to make the top unlined, but think I should at least line, and possibly interface the straight skirt (to avoid bagging).  Should lining be a tricot or something woven?

Thank you!


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Dear Rosann,

For the shoulders you should serge or sew in clear elastic on the shoulder seam.  I don't know aabout the skirt.  A lining would have to have some stretch to be comfortable and not tear. 


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Dear Nancy,

Thanks for the tip!


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For the shoulder seams you can use a non stretchable stay tape (fusible or sew in).  If you have a set in sleeve, you can tape the armhole seam line also.  Just be sure to use the paper pattern piece as your guide.

For the skirt the big question is: Does this knit have good recovery with stretching?  If not it may improve the look with using a fusible interfacing under the entire skirt. If it recovers from stretching nicely, has a nice drape, go ahead and make a skirt.

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Thanks, Carol.  For some reason there was a delay in posting.  I became impatient and went ahead with the garment unlined.  Fortunately it has excellent recovery and is a joy to wear!