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Starting a sewing business

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I am thinking of starting a sewing business specializing in baby accessories and home décor.  I really need some advice, especially when it comes to liability.  Anyone have any advice they can share with me?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



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there certainly is a niche for the things you want to do!  Do you do any work for anyone outside your family at present?  If not, that's  a way to test the waters and get your feet wet.  You can earn up to $600 before you have to declare for tax purposes, so you could try a couple of things to see if you really like it.  then check with your local town or city or small business assoc. to find out what you need to know to become "official".  word of mouth is the best advertising.  doing a few "beginner" jobs will raise the issues you'll need to address as you get started-where to work from, what to charge, who buys/pays for what, etc.  If you love it, there's nothing better, IMHO!