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Stabilising woven wool fabric

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I am hoping to pick the minds of sewers who work with natural fibres. I am making a jacket from woven wool and although it seems to be a fairly tight weave it does fray reasonably easily. I wonder if I need to stabilise the fabric with iron on interfacing, particularly across the shoulders and on the backs of the arms to support the elbow area.

I thought from previous reading I have done on tailoring that I needed to stabilise the entire piece of fabric before I lay the pattern on it and cut. What are your thoughts please sewers?

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This is Beo.  I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier, I just don't visit the site much any more.  As to the iron on interfacing...yes!  I am currently altering a very expensive Albert Nipon jacket for a customer and the complete front and back panels have iron on interfacings.  And yes, to reduce raveling and to make sure that you don't stretch or skew the grainline, I would interface the fabric prior to cutting.  Good luck.