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sleeveless flange

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I was reading about sleeveless flange construction in Schaeffer's Couture Book, and I still do not fully understand it. Can anyone explain how to use this technique? Step by step process?

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Could you explain in a little more detail about the sleeveless flange, is it a flutter sleeve on an otherwise sleeveless garment?

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Thanks for responding. It is a couture technique that gives, as the author states a more rounded look to a sleeveless top.

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The shoulder seam is extended one-and-one-quarter inch to create a tiny cap sleeve that curves in toward the body, a seam alllowance is added and the extension is turned under and sewn down. Essentially, you're adding a turned-under facing to the armhole instead of using a sewn-on facing or bias binding to finish the armhole seam.

I think the advantage of using this finish is that it stays close to the body without binding or limiting movement.

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Your answer makes sense. Thank you.

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sleeveless flange armhole (post #25359, reply #5 of 5)

does anyone know where ai can get a picture or diagram of a sleeveless flange armhole?  I don't understand how you can turn under the shoulder excess and reconcile that with a facing for the bottom of the armhole.  There is some discussion of this in Claire Shaeffer's book Couture Sewing Techniques but , honestly, it makes no sense to me.