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sewing velvet

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sewing velvet (post #35812)

I am ready to stitch together a vest cut from rayon velvet.  I have used stamping to emboss the pieces, but I am hesitant to start sewing.  It have always been stressful and tedious.  I just read a suggestion to use Totally Stable.  And I don't want to do that.  I also read a suggestion to use spray glue, but I do not want the glue on the fabric.

I tried a sample seam using a twin needle, and it worked fantastic.  I even did a narrow serged finish on the seam.  But still I hesitate.  to start construction on the whole garment using this method.  Has anyone tried using a twin needle to sew velvet?  What are you doing that works well.  There is only a small dart on the front in this vest, and most of the rest is easy sewing.  I need tips on what works with sewing velvet.

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How to Sew Napped Fabrics (like velvet and corduroy) (post #35812, reply #1 of 1)

Here is a video about sewing with Velvet and other napped fabrics: