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Sewing velvet

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May I thank all replying to my original request for help[ in sewing lengths of velvet together . I have hopefully incorporated most of the suggestions and have now I believe developed a consistent sewing scheme . One error I was making was inserting pins parallel to the sewing direction instead of at right angles . Also decreasing the spped of sewing helped . Thanks again to the kind people who took trouble to forward suggestions .


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Just one more tip, if it's not too late.  My Master Seamstress instructor always stresses the directional sewing concept and it's especially true with velvet:  Sew in the same direction as you would stroke a cat's fur so that it feels nice and smooth-withh the nap, not against it.  This may depend on how you cut your pieces whether from bottom to top or top to bottom, always go with the nap.  It sure made a difference for me!