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sewing with ultrasuede

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have forgottne my sewing skills with ultrasuede and am begining alot of large decorator pillows.  I could use some clues with nap, needle size and pressing. Please advise.  Am new to this forum, so thanks in advance.   Sara

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Have never sewn with Ultrasuede but you can buy Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina.  It is a wonderful book that has all fabrics with how to sew them--prewashing ,needles,stitch size etc.  It's really fabulous and I have many many sewing books + I used to work in the industry as a designer, so I know a good book when I see one.

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Hi Sara! :)  Welcome!

I've sewn with US and it's a wonderful fabric to work with!  Of course, it looks far better as an outfit...LOL...but, it's lovely for your project!  Use a FINE needle of your choice...I always used "ball-tip" Singer needles to prevent snagging the fabric.  I believe a medium tension should do the trick, but, as always, have a test scrape and make your adjustments for a smooth don't want to pucker or end up basting it either! LOL...

I made a gorgeous safari slack and top outfit out of it---absolutely stunning outfits!!

Good luck!


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Thanks for the words of wisdom.  I finished five very large pillows for my window seat and they turned out great.  I did remember to use the Even Feed Foot for my Bernina and that made such a difference.  I have made clothing in the past so I could remember bits and pices.  But the jFoot was the clincher.