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Sewing Satin Lining Fabric

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Hi all - I feel silly asking this question after 45 years of sewing but here goes:

Does any one have experience with satin lining fabric that when you stitch it it runs slightly at the edges? I guess the needle breaks the threads and it runs.

Does anyone know how to avoid this? Needle issues?






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A new, sharp needle in a size slightly smaller than you think it should be helps it glide between the threads instead of snagging them. Satin can be a real pain to work with.

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I agree it should be a sharp needle not a ball point or universal needle.  Also you may want to lengthen the stitch length a tad and hold fabric taught from the front and the back of the needle.

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Use the finest Microtex needle you can get away with, probably a size 70. I find Microtex needles break quite easily, so lay in a supply.