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Sewing a Alencon Wedding Dress

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I am sewing a black wedding dress. Yes black! I wish I had a picture of the fabric, but I don't as of it. It is an empired waist dress, with one piece for the front skirt and two pieces for the back skirt, with the seam going down the middle. The dress is going to have an overlay fabric that is an alencon fabric. It has a repeated embroidered pattern on it.

I am wondering if anyone has every converted the two back pieces into one piece to use to cut out the alencon fabric. I was just thinking that this would cut out the issue of matching up the back middle seams. One of the issues I am facing is the zipper is supposed to be placed in the back middle seam. I supposed I could move it to the side, which would actually look better, I think.

But has anyone done this with putting the two back pieces together? Are there any issues that arise from doing this?


Thank you!


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Yes, you can convert it to (post #35361, reply #1 of 2)

Yes, you can convert it to one piece - just get the grain line down the center back.  You can also cut the lace pattern and overlap the lace at seam lines rather than sewing the lace into seams.  This technique is often used on lacy bodices to fit around the curves of the bust line.

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Thanks!!! (post #35361, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you so much for replying to me! I am so glad that you confirmed my idea, it will makes things soooo much easier!!!!!