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Sew On Woven Personalized Labels

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Hi Everyone!

I am looking to purchase woven labels (with my own logo) to sew into/onto items I am making.  Does anyone have suggestions on the best place to buy?  I want to stay in the USA if possible to support fellow Americans!

Thanks so much!  Tracey

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Labels (post #35571, reply #1 of 3)

Suggest you contact - located in Atlanta, GA

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I saw their website and liked (post #35571, reply #2 of 3)

I saw their website and liked what I saw.  Have you used them?  Thanks, Tracey

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Hey, I might could help (post #35571, reply #3 of 3)


I might could help you. I buy my woven labels from Labelsandribbon is a trusted company and I´m very confident. They aren´t expensive and have a really good quality, too. I hope I could help you with my advice.