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Serger Help needed

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I hope someone can help me. My birthday is coming up and I am hinting very hard about a serger. I have never used one befor and am confused about what I want. I know I want one that will sew seams pluse do the trim and finish edges. A lot of my problem is the termonalgy that is used in the discriptions of the sergers. Can someone tell me what would be a good buy for me? I will take all the help I can get.  

                                                                                               Thank you very much


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Consider going to a bookstore and looking at a book on sergers. They'll show you what types of things you can do with different numbers of threads, then you can at least narrow that down. For instance, you need five threads to do a cover stitch (the hem you see on T-shirts). If you don't need that, you can do most everything else with 4 threads.

I got a Husquavarna Viking with 4 threads a few years ago. It's fabulous. I usually use just three threads, though. I didn't bother with the computerized model that tells you what settings for what type of fabric because that's so easy to look up in the manual. I sat down and threaded the machines before I bought to make sure they weren't too hard--the Viking has a color chart right on the cover so it's easy to refresh your memory (but most of the time you'll just knot the new thread and pull it through).

I called repair shops before I decided which one to buy, and two of them told me the Babylock with the automatic threader is in for repairs all the time because of the threading mechanism. That convinced me to pass on the Babyloock. But later I found out that the repair shops were also sales shops for other brands, so I don't know how accurate that was.

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Thank you. I did around and found one repair shop who didnt sell sergers. This man was very nice and went throuh my list of brands that I had writen down. It turns out that the very first one that I had looked at months is just what I am looing for. It is a Simplicity Fronter I have a simplicity sewing machine and I love it. I hope I can talk hubby into geting this for me. Again thank you and keep your fingures crossed.