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Seam on LEATHER gone,. Seam GLUE?

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The thread in the seam that goes around the bottom of the jacket (about mid thigh length) just went out.  Is there some kind of quick. yet permanent seam fix (paste, cement, or glue ore anything) I can use for it. (About 5 or six inches of a one inch seam that is right below my "bum")  The jacket is from the 70's (hand-me-down) and made of fairly good leather, but it's just a kick around winter thing and I don't have a sewing machine yet.  Thanks for your suggestions, Jackleengirl.

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I once used rubber cement.         rjf


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Do you mean the hem? If so, rubber cement will do the job. Spread some on both surfaces, let it cure just a bit, and press the hem back into position. Rub it firmly to create a good hold.