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Seam and Hem

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Seam and Hem (post #38271)


I am new to sewing and I bought a pattern from Burda. I am not an english native person, so I don't really know all the terms I found in the guidelines.

Can you tell me what's seam and what's hem? ( sorry if the question sounds stupid)


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Seam and Hem (post #38271, reply #1 of 1)

Burda patterns are sometimes not the easiest to work with.  This may help -

Not all Burda patterns include a seam allowance and this extra fabric needs to be considered when cutting the fabric. 

Read through the instructions that came with the pattern to see if the seam allowances are included or if they need to be added.  Also note the width of the seam allowance.  5/8" is the norm, but sometimes this can be 1/2".

Best wishes for a successful project.