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Reshaping a Purchased Silk Top

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A friend of mine has bought a loose silk top with a knitted silk upper chest panel and sleeves. The lower panels are of a very fine, floaty silk.

It is very pretty but when she showed it to me to day we both noticed that the floaty silk panels 'twist' around her body, causing the assymetrical hem to hang out of alignment.

Despite its'cost it looks to me as if the silk hasn't been cut correctly (ie on the grain for this design) and it is this which is causing the side seams to twist around her body (?).

She likes the top so I wondered if anyone could advise me on whether I can alter it so that it does hang, if not entirely correctly, then at least better than it does.

The top is quite loose and is a casual style so there is a quite a bit of fabric which I could play with without spoiling the overall look.



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I know you didn't ask this but if it is possible to return or exchange I would do that.  Without knowing what type of Silk fabric it is, it  is really hard to work with.  You need a lot of basting. 

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Unfortunately my friend is prone to buy and then 'think about it' for a lengthy period. By the time she makes a final decision (or notices flaws!) it is usually too late to return the item. This is the case this time too.

I think the silk would be hard to work with - it is really fine. However I thought I would tackle it as an interesting project. She is resigned to the fact I may not be able to fix the problem.

Thanks for the advice anyway


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