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Redesigning A Tuxedo Shirt

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Hi, I bought a beautiful tuxedo shirt at the Goodwill on Saturday and want to redesign it a bit.  Any ideas or places to check out for ideas?

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A kindred Goodwill soul! I found the most beautiful embroidered Japanese silk ribbon suspenders for my husband to wear with his tuxedo that he loves. Your request inspired me to tell you about it. There are such wonderful ribbons to use to embelish a tuxedo shirt that could be coordinated with the cummerbund etc. I have used an extra large tuxedo shirt which I embroidered the collar of to sleep in. 100% cotton. Have you priced the new ones lately? $80.00.

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Thanks for the response.  Every tidbit helps doesn't it?  I hadn't thought about beautiful ribbons.  I just love men's shirts because the quality is high and the price is usually low.  I also found a nice Ann Taylor short black jacket which I think I will embellish with lots of my antique laces, etc.  I am a firm believer in second hand stores -- I found a lovely pair of Donna Karen pants for $3.00.