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Purse construction

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I want to make a purse that is shaped like one of those old fashined doctor bags, but uses a zipper closure. Does anyone know of patterns or techniques for this type of bag. I prefer single straps.

In fact sewing techniques for bags would be a great addition to Threads. I want real solid construction techniques for bags, maybe even daypack type construction.

I have used the simple bag from an earlier addition of threads for a sewing class I taught. It was a great hit with teengers.


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Hi Vi,

I make handbags and am happy to answer any questions you have.  A lot of the major pattern companies have handbag patterns you can buy.  I design my own patterns and through trial and error have come up with several bag shapes that I like.  There are a few handbag making reference books that you might want to consult for some general construction techniques - Mary Mulari's accessories with Style and also her made for travel book, Making Handbags by lynch/mullin and malone and sewing terrific totes & carryalls by Carol Parks.  All of these have some good solid techniques in them even if they don't cover the exact bag you want to make.  Good luck !


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You might care to take a look at a small, free program called 'Wild Things' from This has quite a few easy, fun patterns for various bags, hats, wraps etc.

Good Luck,