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puffy sleeves

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I have been requested to sew a costum for a lady clown. She has been clowning for ten years. Her costum is a dress with puffy sleeves. She says her sleeves always droop after several washings. She has always had tulle or netting put in them. Does anyone have a suggestion to help the puff stay up in the sleeve with out being hot or cumbersone to the wearer? (Remember: as a clown she has to move around and play with children, etc.) 

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Hi!  I sew reproduction historic clothes and keeping things puffy is a pproblem I often face.  I have discovered that many chemical stiffeners, such as the kind used in tulle, will wash out.  The secret is to keep them out of the water.  For reall big puff I make foundation sleeves and use old fashiones hooks and eyes to attach them to the armhole and the cuff.  If your clown doesn't want something like that make a large sleeve head the can be snapped in and out.  Don't use velcro.  That can be irritating next to the skin.  For Elizabethan puffies I use plastic boning and floral wire.  I can garentee, however, that will not be comfortabe!  I hope that helps!

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