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Pillow/cushions/throw pillows -- expert tips?

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Good morning!


There is a lot of basic info on making throw pillows, but I am looking for those expert tips and approaches that will make an above-ordinary pillow. I have researched this in the past -- am hoping to learn even more high-end 'tricks'

Things I know already:

   ALWAYS use feather or down insides. NEVER foam.

   Wrap the inner form with Dacron or poly

   Use tufted dacron or poly to fill corners

   use Dacron or poly to add a crown to pillow, if desired

   make inner form cover of flannel (also use flannel for table skirts, along with tuille, to give body and shape).

   when making a square pillow, never cut it really square, but angle in a bit on the corners. this prevents the corners from sticking out like a pair of oversized ears. it looks perfectly square, but without the poking out of the corners.

So, what other knowledge is out there, in making gorgeous, sumptuous, high-end throw pillows? (the kind that folks charge $300 or more for, (for one pillow, can you believe? ) )


As an aside: For fun,  I am making a box pillow this time around. I will use the dacron to stuff the corners, but will not add anything to add a crown (or 'poof' in the middle, as I am wanting these to be as box-like as possible. 

(I took a regular feather pillow and squooshed it down to the size I wanted. Then I measured and hand pleated the box, tucking in the corners. this is cheaper,and will end up with a fuller form than if I had bought one. and i need to do this to get the cutsom size I am looking for)

For the outer cover, I am using a quited place mat (pre-washed), and a contrasting material for the edge of the box.


Thanks!  I'll post photos as soon as I take them.

Looking forward to the great advice this forum always has!