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Overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine

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Hey everybody! I recently made my preschooler some flannel pjs; I used the overlock stitch on my sewing machine (I have a Brother XR-9000) and I did not adjust the stitch width or length from its automatic setting, which is a 2.5 length, 5.0 width. They've been washed and worn a couple times and although the side seams are holding up well, the arm holes have come apart in multiple spots on either side! Does anyone know what I've done wrong so I don't make this same mistake again? I'm new to shirt sewing... Thank you so much!

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It could be the top is now too small.  Prewash flannel a couple times before cutting out the pattern.  As there can be considerable shrinkage with this type of fabric, you may want buy extra fabric. 

An extra row of straight stitching can help reinforce the seam, even when using a serger.