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Oiled my MC7500

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I bought my MC7500 used and of course no manual. I love the machine but made the mistake of oiling it. I thought all machines needed oiling especially this is an old one. I called a sewing machine shop and was asked to bring it in and that there would be an evaluation charge. I wanted to contact this forum first to see if anyone ever did the same mistake and if so what did they do? Thanks for the help in advance.

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it will not hurt the machine,, just don't oil it anymore. if you oiled the bobbin area try wiping the oil off as much as possible.

if you will put the full name of the machine,, I will try to help you find a manual for the machine. Manuals are worth their weight in gold

when you have a sewing machine no matter wether it's used or new.

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If you are referring to the (post #36227, reply #2 of 2)

If you are referring to the Janome Memory Craft 7500, it is a computerized machine and does not require oiling. 

The oil may or may not cause issues.  If the oil comes in contact with a sensor the machine may not operate as it should.

Contact Janome customer service and see if you can get a manual free.

There is also a forum at the Janome site and someone may share a copy of the manual with you.