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Nuno felt

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I am new in that forum, I am french and I will do my best to write a good english. Since the beginning of the new year I read and looked after information about Nuno felt. I found there was an article in Thread magazine in May 1999 #82 written by Polly Stirling pages 50-53. The name of the article is Featherweight felt that drapes. I would like to buy this magasine or to have a copy of this article scanned if is possible. I live in Belgium but I am french canadian. Thanks for your help.

Best regard


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Though I am unable to help you in your In Search Of (ISO), may I extend a most sincere welcome to your joining the board.

Congratulations on your making yourself very well understood in other than your native language.

My Opinon (MO) your talent lends much to you as a person, because you are aware of the nuances with language.


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Thanks for your good words,

I was teaching language for a few year and I had to learn a third language a few year ago that's I think give me that sens of the language. At the same time, I think when your are creating it is a way to communicate.

Have a good day


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Bienvenue! Your English is truly excellent.

Here's a link for Polly Stirling

If you Google "nuno felt" you will find many references to this technique.

Bonne chance - Katina

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Thanks for your help, but I am very looking for that magazine. I spent a few hour on google and I grabed everything I could on that technique.

Best regards



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Hello again

I am travelling away from home at the moment. If you haven't found the article by the time I get back, I'll look it up for you.


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Thanks Katina


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Hi Katina,

I received the article. I very excited to see and try out that new technique.

Have a sae return to your place


as puntopunti

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I'm so glad you now have the article. We returned late yesterday - good to be home. I'm looking forward to trying out some new sewing ideas when I get everything sorted out. Thanks for your response - it's always good to hear back.


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I have emailed you the article.  Please let me know if there is a problem with the scan.  I am sure all of us here would LOVE to see photos of your felting experience. 


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The scan was perfect.

Thanks again


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this article (post #25344, reply #11 of 11)

hi there, stumbled across your post here when doing much the same kind of search that is described in the original posting and i too would be very grateful to be able to get a copy  (Or scan or whatever) of the article you mention. if at all possible this would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much. not sure if u can see it on here but my email is  davidgismondi at gmail dot com 


thanks again in advance i hope this is not too far in the past to be able to be found. cheers