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No name Vintage Sewing Machine

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No name Vintage Sewing Machine (post #43351)

I bought this baby for 10.00, but I can't find a name brand on it. The model is 8058, but that's all I see. I will like to find more information about it. I like to find a manual for it, if possible

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Identifying Sewing Machine (post #43351, reply #1 of 2)

Have you tried the ISMACS website?  Their forum member may be able to identify the machine.  Enjoy your find.     







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Its a Montgomery Ward (post #43351, reply #2 of 2)

Montgomery Ward. The machine is very recognizable. Try eBay to see similar models. You did not get THAT great a deal, unless it's in perfect condition/working, but they go for around 19.99 $ for that model. Either way, if it works and you like it that's all that matters.

EDIT- it MAY be a Vogue Stitch Model machine, made in Japan by Speigel. If so the model MIGHT be "805B" and not 8058. If it IS made in Japan, which I highly suspect, it is a great machine. You will not find user manuals for it. They would have been in Japanese and printed way back when this was released.