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neckline bias binding

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I am making a dress for my daughter's wedding and want to do away w/the neck facings. How do I start the binding at the center back zipper opening? Do I stitch the ends before starting to sew the binding?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Something I have done is to use a little piece of rayon hem tape to cover the end of the binding. That way the binding doesn't need to be folded which, when you are dealing with a binding that is probably four layers of fabric, creates a lot of bulk. Rather than fold the tape over the end of the binding, I use the finished edge of the binding as the new "end", stopping the binding raw edge under the width of the hem tape. One raw end of hem tape gets caught in the seam and the other gets turned under where you handstitch the binding down inside. Does this make sense? I've got myself confused now. but you'll figure something out when you have it in your hands. Hem tape is also nice to use to cover where two ends of binding meet, like under the arm. If you, like me, dont' want to figure out ahead of time exactly how long to cut that binding.