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narrow hemmer foot

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Has anyone tried the ajustable hemmer attachment featured in the article about vintage machine feet ? It was in Issue No 149. If so, please tell me yor results. Is there a secret I missed?  The corners are impossible! Such as on handkerchief.  Thanks, Bonkers

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Re. Narrow hemmer foot (post #35301, reply #1 of 2)


There are lots and lots of great attachments out there for the sewing machine, some are an invaluable asset to have and become a tool you will use a lot and some are very tricky to master.

The narrow hemmer foot is one that is very tricky and will take a fair few goes to master, there is no right way of mastering the attachment as you will find your own way of doing it with practice.

I still find that doing narrow hemming with a standard foot is the most affective way as you have more control over the technique especially round corners. I personally find that manually i can create a far more professional outcome than if i use the foot or attachment like the hemmer. This also aplies to the flat felled seam, blind hemming and various other techniques.

I must admit i am one for having every foot in the range so i suppose i am guilty of trying all the techniques with the various attachments but the manual way is always best.

Good luck in your sewing projects.

Kind regards.



Michael Coates - Professional English Tailor

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"fine machine sewing"  by (post #35301, reply #2 of 2)

"fine machine sewing"  by Carol Achles might help..........It helped me master hemming feet