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My cotton blouse wrinkles when I sit down. Is there a way to disguise this wrinkled area?

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I like the look of a crisp ironed cotton blouse.  When I sit down just one time, there are all these wrinkles across my tummy area.  Does anyone have an idea of a way to cover or disguise this area some way?

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Wrinkles (post #35426, reply #1 of 2)

I often leave the bottom button undone, especially if I'm wearing the hem untucked.  That allows some ease when sitting and reduces wrinkling.  Another method is to leave the side seams open as vents at the bottom; you can add vents to a ready-made blouse by opening up the seam about 3" up from the bottom and turning under the seam allowance.

That said, there's no way to completely avoid wrinkling, but if the collar, shoulders, and center front are neatly pressed, you will give the impression of a crisp shirt.  One of my colleagues washes her cotton and linen shirts repeatedly before wearing them so that the softened fabric can't hold a crisp line for a wrinkle!

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Cotton wrinkles (post #35426, reply #2 of 2)

If you bought a cotton mixed with a synthetic fibre, like polyester, it won't wrinkle so much, but not as comfotable to wear. Fabrics with busy patterns won't show wrinkles as much as plain fabric--also, as mentioned lots of prewashing to soften the fibres.