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Mitered Corners

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A friend is sewing tablecloths and she is looking for some magical formula for computing the stitching line to make a mitered corner.  She has the 45 degree technique for two hems that are the same width.  But what if one hem is, for example, 1" wide and the hem that meets it is 1/2" wide?

Sr. Tracey

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There is a really simple (and really cool) method for doing this.

First, you press the hems into their final position.  Then mark the place where the hems intersect with a clip into each hem, or with chalk. The outer point of the fold will be marked with the pressed line, the inner point of the miter is marked with the clips.

Fold the hems right sides together and match the clip markings.  Stitch from that point (the clip) to the place where the pressed edges meet (the outer point).  I always fold it to the final position at this point to check that my stitching is correct and straight.  After checking, trim off the excess seam allowance (if you like), press the seam open, fold the seam to the outside, and that's it.

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Thank you so much!  I'll make a show-and-tell piece for her and she should be one her way!