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micropleated fabric

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I have had a piece of miicropleated polyester fabric for quite a while but am still puzzlilng as to what sort of pattern I should be looking for to use it with.  I think I have enough for a dress or tunic. 


Thanks for any help.



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what to do with fancy fabrics/micropleats (post #36340, reply #1 of 1)

 your fabric is already pleated for your pattern, so use a style or a silhouette that is slim or standard or a-lined and it will give you the finishing product as a pleated (skirt/dress).  if you are to gather a wide area of your prepleated, you are using way more fabric than you would if you are to make a gathered (dress/skirt).  I've tried to mimick gathered lightweight bastiste on line and wel,l its more economical to purchase it prepleated, but you end up with the same result of flat fabric that you pleat yourself prior to sewing it together. so if you are to re-pleat or re-gather this fabric, you are ending up with the same result as if you used flat fabric and overly pleating it. its hard to describe, I hope Ive made sense.