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Mending a bra.

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Hi everybody:

I have a favorite bra that is not all that old and one of the underwires has poked through the casing. It's a very small tear, just enough for the end of the wire to jab me in the ribcage!

What would be the best way to mend this? I don't want to throw it out since it was rather expensive and the rest of the bra is fine.

Thank you for your ideas!



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How about using a small bias strip.  I would think a light weight but fairly tight weave should work pretty well.  You could try to match the color depending on the bra.  I would think hand stitching would probably be quickest and easiest in the long run.  But I don't think it would take to many stitches.  I thought about saying fusible interfacing.  This would be very quick and easy but I don't know that it would be very durable.  Good luck.


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that has happened to me, the wire starts to poke through. just shove it back in and put a few sturdy stitiches by hand where it poked the fabric. It will hold for months and months.