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Marks on velveteen

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I am making a dress out of velveteen. The bodice was supposed to be lined with taffeta, but that was too stiff and did not fit properly. When I tried to make adjustments, pinned and sewn with the taffeta lining they showed on the finished side. Any ideas of how to get rid of the marks. The marks are right at the bust where they will show the most. The pattern is for a child who does not live near me and it is difficult to fit her. I am most concerned about getting the marks out of the velveteen. Any and all ideas welcome. Thanks.

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Try to reproduce the marks on a scrap of the

velveteen, then try some possible fixes on the


1) Brush two pieces of velveteen, pile side together.

2) Brush the damaged velveteen with a soft toothbrush

3) Steam thoroughly and let dry

4) Steam and brush, as for 1 and 2

5) 2, 3, and 4, but from the back of the velveteen.

Don't judge the "fix" just after you've done it...

pin the scraps to a wall or bulletin board and

come back and look at them from at least 12" the

next day.

Kay Lancaster