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lettuce edge on organza/ flowergirl dress how-to?

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In the july 2010 Threads, in the Q&A section there is a question about lettuce edge hems. I am making a flowergirl dress for my daughter to look like the attached picture. I am using Butterick pattern B4967, view B.  The ruffles are going to be made out of poly. organza and I was wondering if the zig-zag technique discussed in the magazine would work. Also I have also read about using fishing line to get the ruffle. Has anyone tried this before? Do you just zig-zag over the fishing line? I was planning on doubling up on the pattern pieces (using a full circle for the front, and two half circles for the back half of the ruffle to get the fullness) Any thoughts....?



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lettuce edge hems on chiffon (post #32871, reply #1 of 6)

If I were you I'd be sure and cut my hem for more than just the edge and then do the addition of the fishing line and the close zigzag and then trim very carefully near your stitching.

If you're looking for that really ruffly look that's the way to go!

Like when you need to edge a wedding veil with a close rolled hem on tulle.

Is that how the magazine described to do it? I didn't pick that one up yet!

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lettuce edge ruffles (post #32871, reply #2 of 6)

To get that really wavy ruffle I cut BIAS ruffles and used the heavy, stiff fishing line.  I made the best ruffles using my Bernina sewing machine (not serger) with the buttonhole foot (grooves beneath foot) and a 2.5 zigzag width and moderate density stitch length.  It's best to z.z.on the right side of fabric, about 1/4" from cut edge holding the fishing line under the fabric--that makes the z.z. wrap the fabric around the fishing line to the underside of the ruffle.  Organza will have "whiskers" that you can trim or not.  Make a second pass with the z.z. and no fishing line to further cover the edge.  Making 2 passes works better than one heavy pass.  You are not trying for a satin stitch over the edge, just enough thread coverage to control the "whiskers".  I had to make French seams to join the bias strips.

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lettuce edge ruffles (post #32871, reply #3 of 6)

I haven't done this in a long time but I cut the ruffles circular not on the straight then pressed the edge in 1/4 inch.  I placed the fishing line inside the crease of the edge and zig zagged over the fishing line and edge.  I used a medium weight line.  when you gather the other side of the ruffle with this circular cut it makes a beautiful frilly affect/

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lettuce ruffle up a dress (post #32871, reply #4 of 6)

Thanks for everyone's help. I'm going to pick up some 10lb fishing line here after lunch and try some test runs while the flowergirl takes her afternoon nap. I think it should work being that all the pieces are circles so I have the bias working for me, I just have to mast the technique.

I did check out a good book on CD so at least my mind will have something to do while I lose my eyesight staring at white organza and clear fishing line. I'll post my results... or if I go crazy I'll have my husband give everyone my mental hospital address. :)


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Lettuce Ruffle (post #32871, reply #5 of 6)

I've never tried this, so I'm interested to see how your flower girl's dress turns out. I'd love to hear which technique you end up using. Please post pictures when you're done.

Sherry (SAAM)

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lettuce ruffle up a dress (post #32871, reply #6 of 6)

Hi Nancy

I have done a little bit of this on "pretend ballet" skirts for my granddaughter and I used a rolled hem foot, and a small  zig zag stitch.

the fishing line was enclosed in the hem nicely.



Regards    Marika