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Leather Glove

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I'm looking for advice on making a leather glove.  Here's the story:

After 4 years of fencing, my favorite leather-and-spandex glove is falling apart.  This has been the only glove in a long line of gloves to fit me correctly.  I bought a replacement but, at over $30, it is a little too expensive for my blood (especially considering the abuse I put these gloves through).  So I am thinking to make my own.  I have the original glove to use as a pattern.  The glove part (what covers the hand) is made of a soft deerskin leather.  It's whitish, but color is not really an issue; I just need a leather that is soft and flexible, but somewhat strong (and if I can embroider it with the mark I use on my uniform, all the better!!).  The cuff is several layers of spandex and extends from the wrist approximately 6 inches down the arm.  There might be something in between the spandex for padding; I haven't taken it apart to look yet.  The spandex has a Velcro closure running its length along the inside of the arm.  On the outside of the arm, the spandex layers extend up the back of the hand (inside the leather) to provide some padding against hits.  The seams on the leather parts are all external; they look as if to be sewn and then trimmed to 1/8-inch of the stitching.  The cuff is a bit discolored but still usable (well, it needs a washing, but still).

I am planning to rip out all the seams and use them as a guide to make my own glove.  If anyone has any advice for me I'd be more than happy to hear it.  I am hoping too if it turns out looking ok to extend this pattern into making a pair of leather gauntlets to use with a costume.