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From knits to woven fabric

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I have made a great dress for the winter in a  knit fabric ,which is what the patten calls for .I like the outcome of this dress, that I would like to make it in linen for the summer.any help on how I can ajust the patten from kints to woven fabric

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Transitioning from knit to woven (post #39298, reply #1 of 2)

I would start with a muslin.  Depending how much stretch is required for the knit, you may want to start with two sizes larger.

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re: from Knits to Woven fabric (post #39298, reply #2 of 2)

It is much more difficult to take a pattern drafted for knits and make it work for a woven fabric. Patterns drafted for knits--unless they are loose-fitting all over--typically incorporate negative ease, while patterns for wovens must have positive ease. Also woven patterns incorporate fitting details like darts that knit garments often don't need because they rely on the knit fabric's stretch to shape to the body. It's easier to sew a pattern designed for wovens in a knit than to do the reverse.

It isn't impossible to do what you want. It will just take more work, and you may decide it isn't worth the effort. If the pattern you have is designed for very stretchy knits (40% to 50% stretch) and/or has a close fit, you'll have to start by going up several pattern sizes. If it calls for a less stretchy, more stable knit, and/or has a looser, drapey fit, you'll have an easier time of it. But you may have to add fitting elements like darts to get the fit in a woven as good as it is in your knit dress. If the knit dress pattern doesn't include a zipper, then you'll have to add one for the woven garment.

It may be more efficient to find a pattern in a similar design that's drafted for wovens. Most Threads authors advise against trying to sew a woven garment using a knit pattern for these reasons.

Good luck!

Stephani L. Miller

Special Projects Editor