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Is it o.k. to sew through tissue paper?

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I have developed the habit of sewing through tissue paper in certain situations to  stabilize my work (silky fabrics, decorative stitches, etc.).  Is this going to dull my needles too quickly or do anything bad to my machine?  Should I upgrade to real stabilizers even if this is working?  Thanks for your help. 

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I used tissue paper for years before stabilizers became commonly available and I still do.  I have not had a problem with it dulling needles too quickly or any other problems for that matter.  Why spend more money if you don't have to.  Some things are just that, another way for someone else to get your hard-earned dollars.  They make you think you HAVE to have it, but you don't really.

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Hi Sewseriou1  Thank you for your help with my question about tissue paper.  This was my first attempt ever to get a question answered in a forum like this so I appreciate your taking the time to reply.


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The tissue paper will not dull your needles any faster than stabilizers will and there is times that even though I have virtually every kind of stabilizers there is, I will still use tissue paper. 

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Thank you Terri.  I appreciate your help with my question about sewing through tissue.  Leanna