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Invisible thread

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Help, please.  I must have some tiny beads sewed on to a Christmas tree ornament by Wednesday, and I have forgotten how to use invisible thread.  How do you knot it?  Thanks for advice.


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I usually knot it as usual but add a drop of clear polish to the knot or I think you could use some seam sealant stuff like Fray Check.  But if you are using them on an ornament couldn't you hide the end in the ornament like quilters do when they don't want to use a knot.  Just zig zag it back and forth under the material until it is caught to start and stop the thread.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Terry.  I'll try the zig-zag approach.


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I made a western show vest with lots of tiny beads on royal blue suede.  What I did, just in case the invisible thread broke, I looped each bead.  The first one is threaded with a longer tail, the looped around and threaded 2 X if you can push the thread & needle through that little hole again.  Then each bead is threaded & looped again.  On some thing that will not get as much abuse, like a ornament I bet you can use this method just on the first bead, the tuck the tail under with your needle and continue.  I like Terry's idea with the clear nail polish.  It's amazing how we come up with tricks.  Good Luck I hope you have a 5X magnifying glass. Let me know how you make out. 


Eagle, CO.