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interfacing silk fabric

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Your ideas please:  I am constructing a dress of a fine 100% silk fabric and am considering using fusible tricot interfacing in the bodice area as it would help maintain the hand of the fabric while adding some support (at least that's the plan).  Seems to me woven fusible would be too stiff?????  Your thoughts?  Currently doing samples of each to test.......

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I've used fusible tricot (post #35396, reply #1 of 4)

I've used fusible tricot sucessfully on wool and linen and good quality polyester bridal satin and interlining.  I think it would think work well on the silk.


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interfacing silk fabric (post #35396, reply #2 of 4)

Although I have used fusible tricot on sik fabric for a couple of upholstery projects, I strongly recommend using silk organza for the bodicw of your dress.  It will not change the hand of the fabric and it will add the support you need.  Amazing fabric!  Also, it cuts down on wrinkles and you do not run the risk of "bubbking" when applying tricot.  Happy sweing!

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Its good to see that you are (post #35396, reply #3 of 4)

Its good to see that you are also using silk fabric, I have just finished a bedroom which I have decorated mostly with silk fabric. My boy loves the smooth finish of silk and here are some silk fabric images that I have used.

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interfacing silk with tricot (post #35396, reply #4 of 4)

theoretically it does work but I have had problems with both silk and tricot fusible.  I cant tell you exactly what would be ideal but I want to let you know that because silk doesnt stretch and tricot fusible stretches easily (well for me), I would fuse a piece prior to cutting out the pattern as opposed to cutting out the pattern and then fusing both together because my problem was that the silk doesnt stretch and it became smaller.  I could have done something I shouldn't have, but I just want to let you know a bit of precaution in case you run out of extra fabric.