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How to Sew A Baby Hem

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Hello Everyone,

I'm sewing a silk georgette dress with an assymetrical hem. So for the hem, I was recommended to baby hem it.  Does anyone know how to do that? I actually forgot how to.  I know the seam allowance will still be 1/2". So far I folded it 1/4" twice. At this point do I blindstitch or do I edgestitch? That's where I'm stuck at.  Can someone help me out. I really would appreciate it.



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I do a baby hem by machine, but I don't turn my fabric the way you describe. For a 1/2" hem allowance, I would sew a line of stitching 3/8" from the raw edge of the fabric (this is a guide), fold up on the stitching line and edgestitch. Trim as close to the stitching as possible (be careful!). Fold up again to enclose the raw edge and stitch on the line of stitching that is visible (this is the one you just finished). Press. Your finished hem should be about 1/8" wide, hence the name "baby hem". This technique also works well on curved hemlines.


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