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hemming cotton voile in the round

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I have a question about hemming cotton voile in the round - how can I do a rolled hem, without it becoming a mess? I did it and I am not happy with the results. The voile is an attached lining to ####sleeveless silk blouse. Everything else about the blouse has been great! I am also contemplating doing a bias binding on the hem. Any ideas? Thank you for your suggestions.

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   Were you trying a rolled hem with a rolled hem foot?  What was happening?  Lots of fraying?  A bias binding (very narrow, 1/4" maybe) would be very couture.  If you want narrower, I'd try the old standard:  press in hem, stitch close to fold, trim close to stitching, fold up again and stitch close to fold.

   Better yet,  do you use a serger?  It's rolled hem should do the trick.  Or you could serge the raw edge with a narrow 3-thread stitch, then fold up the serging and edgestitch--looks like a nice rolled hem from the right side.

Happy hemming!

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Dear Nansi -

Thank you for your suggestions. I have a rolled hem foot for my Bernina. Usually it works so wonderfully. I think that the problem was that I was sewing in the round,after I have sewn up the side seams. I was trying to follow the instructions from issue 60. Voile being voile - well I may try to take it out or use your suggestion of the tiny bias tape.

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jumping over seams with such a lightweight fabric can be a pain...

did you press really well? don't press seam open there, trim it close.

move slowly over that patch?

if you don't own a serger you could zigzag the edge and then turn that over. Since it is a lining, you'll be tacking it down in spots right?