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Help Finding Coats Article In threads

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Please help!

I remember seeing an article a few years ago, maybe by Paddye Mann, on how to take a coat and add some interesting design details.

I can't find this on the Threads magazine index--can anyone point me to the magazine number?






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I'd like to add to your question, Robin - has Threads done an article on making a coat that is fully lined and underlined? Thanks.

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Hi, Robin!

Actually the article you refer to wasn't all that long ago. It is in issue number 105, from February-March 2003, starting on page 67. Hope this helps with your project.


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Thanks for the heads up Sandy, I just couldn't locate the issue and it was so frustrating.

Bernie, I'd love to read any responses to your question, as well.

The reason I liked this article was that I recall some ideas for adding design interest to the back of a coat--except for yokes, there are very few interesting ones these days on patterns.

I want something long, a-line, flowy--I have a superb moleskin black and brown animal print (no spots, kinda lines) that is begging to be made up!



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Yes, I remember that article. It had some nice design details. I'm making a coat in a light blue wool crepe that I got for like $10 a yard at G Street and if it turns out well I'm going to make one for my sister out of a wool that I got at, the cashmere/wool mix in wild rice. It's so pretty and soft.