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help in a dress

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Out of challenge from my husband..I have brought cloth to make a dress or a skirt..I'm not sure myself. And I have not done stitching..but am sure could do it..with some help. Could anyone please tell me how do i make a dress or a skirt. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.



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You might want to check around your area for sewing instructors or classes.  there's lots to learn and classes can be the most fun and encouraging as you try something new.  good for you for wanting to do it!

  Or, get a good basic sewing book from your local library if you're more of a do-it-yourselfer.  you need to choose a pattern and measure yourself properly to select the right size.  Most are multi-size, so as long as you're close you should be ok.  Definitely MEASURE first because pattern sizes correspond to the measuremnets,NOT TO YOUR READY-TO-WEAR SIZE!!!!

this is just the beginning.  Let us know how you proceed and succeed!!