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frugal sewing

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hope someone finds something useful in my list for frugal sewing:
1) using the slightly puffy drawer liner made by "duck tape" (walmart-$3-$4) to put under my sewing machine & serger-pins & notions don't fall off the table and it keeps the vibration down (can also be used as a jar opener)
2) using the plastic carrying cases for matchbox cars (walmart-$5) to store thread
3) using metal plumbers washers (lowes, home depot) instead of pattern weights
4) using kabnet wax, a very light-weight wax paper, precut 10"x11"squares (costco, sams, bj's-$4/500 sheets) as a stabilizer for embroidery and other sewing; it tears off easily and can be sprayed with adhesive spray for items that can't be hooped
5) using fishing lure (not tackle) boxes (walmart, less than $5) for storing machine feet and small notions
6) using medium-weight vinyl (walmart-$1.50/yd) cut into strips to wrap thread so it doesn't come off the spool
7) putting a small bulletin board on the wall in front of my machine table and putting a needle chart, mm to inches conversion chart on it, along with thumbtacks to hold my scissors so they don't get nicked in a drawer
8) buying sheets at goodwill/salvation army and using them to make pillow cases for children (3-4 pillowcases from one full-size sheet)
9) selling sewing/quilting books i no longer need at (i generally list them at $.25 less than the lowest current price)
9) buying 100% solid cotton fabric at the $1 table at walmart to use as backings for quilts
10) buying specialty threads at wholesale + 5% through the fabricandnotions co-op group at (for example-woolly nylon is $2.90/1000 yds, pearl crown rayon is $2.00/100 yds, both about half of retail price)
11) signing up for the newsletter-they seem to have a % off sale at least once a month; also get free shipping as a member of the american sewing guild)

would love to hear from some other frugal sewers