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Followup pic: need satin help post

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I got SO much help from this board... Thanx all.  Somebody asked me to post a pic, so here it is.  I must say I'm proud of the way it turned out. 

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Beautiful!! You have every reason to be proud of your work!

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The dress fits beautifully and those teeny, tiny straps!  Did you turn all of them?  I hope she had a really good time.              rjf


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Just wonderful...doesn't that smile make up for a whole lot of long hours!  The color is is so hot this season.  You helped make some magic memories.

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I'll bet you're proud.  Hey, I guess your proud of the dress, too!

My mom made the dresses I wore to school dances, but MY daughter either wouldn't go, or would go in torn jeans.  The one year she did go to a Prom, she decided to go two days before the event.  Her dress was a last minute sheath of orange and flame brocade, and she decided to paint her date's fingernails black at the dinner table.  The black nail polish spilled, and it didn't land on HIS black tux. 

I envy you the pleasure of still being able to dress up your little girl when she's a big girl. But it is a nice envy.


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