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elastic waists.

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Hi. new to gatherings - sounds great. I really need help with elastic waists. tried one tunnel - elastic threaded through after sewing, ditto with two and three narrow tunnels, but never tried the sewn in method. I'm at the stage when I prefer to wear my tops "out" also this is cooler as I live in Arizona - 110o in the shade! but I don't like to see too much gathering at the waist. please help, you all sound so knowledgable.

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I just read this article in Threads online, I'm sure othere will have personal tips to share.

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It sounds as if it's the cut of the pants, rather than the elastic insertion method, that's giving you trouble. If the pants have a lot of ease relative to your waist, you'll end up with a very gathered look no matter how you put in the elastic. You might want to try a different pant pattern. One that I've liked (and I have always avoided elastic-waist pants because my waist is relatively small compared to my hips) is Louise Cutting's "One Seam Pant." This design has no outseam, so it's really quick to sew, but the beauty of her pattern is that she includes very detailed instructions for fitting the pant so that you have just the right amount of ease at the hip and not too too much at the waist. So even though the waist is stretchy and comfortable, with a top worn untucked, you don't see a lot of puffiness at the waist or below.

Another style that's been well-reviewed is Loes Hinse's "European Pant," which has a narrow, elasticized waistband, and a slightly wider leg that falls straight from the hip. This one seems to have relatively little visible gathering at the waistline.

You can see both of these patterns at Search by company, and look for "THe Cutting Line" and "Loes Hinse."