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double faced fabric wool

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double faced fabric wool (post #33691)

i have recently made a jacket Chanel style, with double faced wool, the iner  fabric is pulled apart so you can sew the outside fabric.

 My problem is that  pulling the iner fabric apart  to sew the seams does not look finished inside or look professional .

I hand stitched the fabric back in place over the seamed areas but is bulky in some area and very hard to hand sew.

Now thinking of lining the jacket, in some areas on the out side the wool seems to have stretched.  I am very dissapointed as i  thought this would work well, any one else here that has used a double faced wool fabric  than can give me ideas on improving this next time.


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double faced fabric wool (post #33691, reply #1 of 1)

I am unclear on just what the weight of your fabric is.  Are both sides loosely woven or tightly woven?  If loosely woven, I would make a bias binding from a lightweight coordinating fabric, cut the inner fabric layers to butt together along the seam (baste in place for now) and whip stitch the binding over the butted seam.  I might do the same thing, come to think of it, if the fabric were tightly woven as well.  One of the hallmarks of couture is doing away with bulk by wahtever means one can devise.   I've just made this solution up--but creative probledm solving is part of the fun of sewing.  If it looks good, baby, it is good!  Since you are working with wool, the stretched areas can probably be coaxed back into shape with lots of steam and patience.  Please don't give up on what I'm sure is a lovely jacket.  Maybe others will offer other ideas on how to fix what isn't working.  Good luck!