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curtains (post #36153)

hi all, i am very new to sewing, and i need some help please. i am trying to make curtains that are like 2 layer with 2 different materials. 1, is a plaid and the 2nd is a flower,  1 will be on top of 2.  my question is, when cutting out #2 do i turn the fabric over and cut from the wrong side or do i cut the right side of fabric and turn the pattern over? i have attached a picture,   thanks to all for the info.  

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I believe what two choices (post #36153, reply #1 of 1)

I believe what two choices you are describing will result in the same thing.  Hold the pattern piece up to the first cut fabric and decide how the right side of the second fabric will need to be cut.  You should be able to figure it out.  Generally pattern pieces are not turned over.