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culottes or split skirt

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Does anyone have any ideas for making a skirt into a split skirt? I want it to be a very loose fitting split skirt or culottes. comocosew

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Do you have a favorite pattern for a skirt or shorts?  If so it is especially easy with the skirt all you have to do is cut out 2 front panels for the skirt and sew the one edge in when sewing it all together and of course finish off the top and other seam and hem as you would for the rest of the skirt. Add buttons or other type of closure and you're all set.  You can do basically the same with the shorts only you will make a panel that is as wide as the shorts are in the front and then add darts and all and either attach as the waist band or in the side seam of the shorts.

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Thanks. I think I'm going to try making the split skirt from a skirt pattern I have. That sounds easier to me. Comocosew

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A split skirt is really super baggy pants, with crotch and inner leg seams, so a skirt pattern won't be much use. Starting with a pants pattern and widening it a lot would be better. Finding a split skirt pattern would be best. Have you looked online at

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Both Kwik Sew and Vogue had culotte/split skirt patterns last time I looked.


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I did check the patterns for culottes and split skirts, but didn't like what I saw. However, I think it might be a good idea to find the one that is closest to the one I want and change it from there. Thanks for the information. comocosew