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Creating collar for man's western vest

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Creating collar for man's western vest (post #32026)

I am trying to create a full collar on a man's western McClure vest. I am making the front and back of the vest from a wool plaid and lining it with a different grade and color of wool. I am starting with Simplicity pattern #4762 view D. But the collar on that pattern stops at the shoulder seams. I want to continue the collar all around the back so it's a complete collar. Do I create a pattern for the back similar to a facing and continue it from the front collar piece (meaning contoured like a facing)or should it be designed straight. I have very little pattern making experience and have myself stumped. Thanks for any help.

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If you follow the pattern and (post #32026, reply #1 of 1)

If you follow the pattern and in effect make a facing, it will not stand up like a collar. Here is a link: that might help you. I know it is for women's collars, but you would draft a collar for the vest the same way. For a collar to stand up, it has to have a smaller outside circumference than the garment along with some other considerations. Make a muslin before you cut your garment fabric.