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couture pants techniques

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I'm struggling with pants patterns, several tryouts. on comparing several patterns, I find there is a big difference in the relationship of front to back crotch width. small front to large back, and vice versa.- measuring ready to wear pants also reveals the same differences. Also, having tried several practice pants, I find that the fabric makes all the difference - what seems acceptable in the practice fabric (cheap!) isn't necessarily right for a different fabric, and of course I'm reluctant to use expensive material on a try out. The messages on the couture pants techniques are great - but have you really come to a consensus on the crotch stretching techniques. One last thing (sorry this is long)years ago most pants patterns had two notches near the top of the inseam, which necessitated stretching the back, and easing the front,but the newer patterns don't seem to have that feature. perhaps this crotch stretching thing does away with that. Sylvia.

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I've heard the stretching of the back inseam to ease the front was a holdover from Men's tailoring of trousers.  Since women aren't physically equipped to require "dressing" room in the front of pant legs, there was no need to stretch the back inseam to put ease into the front of the leg.


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