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CLEAN FINISH-Nancy Zieman's trick for smooth back zipper

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I'm making a very simple babies dress, Simplicity 2668 View A.  The top is a faced yoke, front and back. It calls for a back zipper which I have no problem as I have a soft knit zipper.  Here's what I recall of Nancy's method.

First apply the outside yoke, right side to right side, apply the yoke facing, no problem there so far.  At this point I have two pieces sewn together except for the center back seam.  The pattern shows top stitching these pieces together, I want to enclose the zipper into this but without the stitching showing, naturally I will have to have stitches showing when I apply the zipper.  Nancy Zieman showed her method for a clean finish here.  In joining the two yokes, yoke and yoke facing, with right sides together, working from the center front she  stitching just past the shoulder seam and then stopped.  She then turned under the end, pinned in place and then resumed the stitching enclosing that end.  When it's flipped back to the right side all is enclosed without any stitches showing.  Did I mention that the zipper is in there too? Now this may not be the correct way of doing this and that's why I'm appealing for help. I've looked for that video but, of course, it's among so many bits and pieces of video tapes of sections of shows that it would take forever to find it.  Is there anyone out there that can tell me how this was done or where to look for this method?  This dress will be a gift and I'm fussy about details even if it's no noticeable to anyone but me.  This kid will be in college before I finish this baby dress.   

Hoping for any help and appreciative of any help.